The NJSBA recently communicated with board members who earned Board Member Academy certifications this year to notify them that, in addition to receiving a certificate or a plaque to mark their achievement, they are also entitled to a digital badge.

These digital badges are online icons—the process is also known as digital credentialing—that users can add to their email signatures and their other digital presences to display their Board Member Academy achievement.

Those members who earned the designations of Certified New Board Member, Certified Board Member, Master Board Member or Certified Board Leader before this year are also entitled to a digital badge.  Board members have been notified that the badges are available. In the first two weeks of the program, board members accepted 472 badges.

The NJSBA has partnered with digital badging provider Credly Inc. and its badging platform, Acclaim, to issue real-time, verified digital badges that can be shared across the internet for maximum credibility and recognition. The badge that board members have earned are issued directly from Credly.

How Board Members Can Claim Their Badge  Board members receive the badge from the email  All they need to do is click the “Accept Your Badge” button in that email. Board members who have not received the email may want to check their spam folder.

Advantages of Digital Badges  Digital badges offer distinct advantages over printed certificates. With a single click, credentials that are attached to a badge will appear. A digital badge can be shared on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, websites, marketing materials, business presentations, and much more.

Current NJSBA Digital Badges  NJSBA digital badges are available for the following Board Member Academy Certifications:

More Information  For more information please contact Marcia Lavigne, NJSBA member training and professional development manager, at, or go online to NJSBA Digital Badging.