During the month of February, the big news concerned legislation that did not move forward.

Two union-backed bills, A-3395 and A-3664, were being considered in the Assembly. One would have severely limited a district’s ability to subcontract services, while the other would have offered tenure-like protection to support staff.  NJSBA strenuously opposed both bills because they would undermine a board’s ability to manage its resources and personnel. The bills were not posted for a vote by Assembly leadership.

Another bill, S-2606, would have placed a hard cap on the amount public employees contribute to the cost of their health benefits, essentially shifting such costs from public employees to taxpayers. The NJSBA opposed this bill. Senate President Sweeney announced it would not be posted

Finally, under an agreement reached between Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration and litigants who challenged the state’s graduation exam, high school juniors and seniors who already passed the PARCC exams or other standardized tests will be allowed to graduate.  However, no long-term solution has been finalized.