We are all in this together. As we search for strategies to effectively educate schoolchildren during this public health crisis, there may be success stories that we can share – or common concerns that we can address.

Perhaps an amazing teacher in your district has come up with an innovative way to engage students. Maybe you have found a better way to conduct remote board meetings that can include the public when required, while still allowing board members to conduct necessary business in executive session. Perhaps your district is required to continue feeding meals to children during the crisis and has found a better way to reach families in need.

We invite you to write a brief note — three or four paragraphs — that we can share with other board members. If possible, please include links, videos or pictures. Let us share your success with your colleagues so that they can use what you have learned to help their own students.

At the same time, maybe you have encountered a difficult problem that needs to be solved. Tell us about it, and we can post your dilemma, or get one of our NJSBA experts to reach out to you directly to offer solutions.

Send responses to this email address: aguenther@njsba.org.

Please include your name, district and email address so that we can verify your information and contact you. Responses received by Friday, March 27 have the best chance to be included in next week’s School Board Notes.

If you prefer to share your experiences and insights in a survey form, go here.