The New Jersey School Boards Association has a partnership with Edge, New Jersey’s nonprofit research and education network and technology partner, to connect Edge and NJSBA members with state of the art technology at competitively bid and negotiated prices. As part of a true PK-20 technology purchasing collaborative, NJSBA members have access to technical expertise and contracting vehicles to save time and money.  Edge’s technological and procurement expertise from PK-20 combined with NJSBA’s guidance for PK-12 enables schools and districts to quickly identify, onboard, and find success with transformational technologies.

EdgeMarket is a New Jersey Department of Community Affairs authorized Cooperative Pricing System and it has been assigned the co-op number #269EMCPS. As an educational research and service corporation, Edge also has statutory authority to act as a lead agency or local contracting unit on behalf of its members for the procurement of goods and services as per N.J.S.A. 18A:3B-6.1.  As such, Edge is empowered to procure best-in-class network and technology solutions for its members.  

Edge brings an outcomes-focused and supply chain management perspective to the procurement process by relying upon an expert, thought-leading and respected advisory committee from among the PK-12 community.  This committee provides important strategic direction, focus, and priority regarding which technology solutions are most needed for PK-12 schools, as well as in developing appropriate rubrics for the evaluation of best-in-class solutions.  The number of offerings that will be available to schools through this carefully curated portfolio of offerings will continue to expand as needed to meet the ever-evolving technology needs of PK-12 digital learning environments.

New Jersey schools and educational entities are encouraged to download, sign, and return the linked documents below to join the EdgeMarket Cooperative Pricing System. There is no cost and no obligation to purchase anything when signing up as an Edge member.

Membership documents may be returned via email to, or by mailing to:

625 Broad Street, Suite 260
Newark, NJ 07102
ATTN: Laurence Cocco

For questions regarding EdgeMarket or about becoming a member, email, or call (855) 832-3343.