On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, voters in five school districts will act on ballot construction questions totaling more than $199.1 million.

The Monroe Township school board in Middlesex County is seeking approval of construction of a new middle school. In a second proposal, the board is asking voters to approve construction of additions to its high school.

In Glen Rock, Bergen County, the school board is seeking voter approval for elementary school additions.

The school board in Florence, Burlington County, plans to renovate its elementary schools. The board is also seeking approval for a second project, to improve its athletic fields, which would only move forward if the first project is approved.

School boards in Lumberton, Burlington County and Manasquan in Monmouth County, are seeking improvements to existing facilities.

Meanwhile, voters in Hillsborough, Somerset County are being asked to approve a spending increase to preserve existing programs and class sizes while adding full-day kindergarten.

March 12 is one of five dates during the year when school boards may ask voters to approve school construction proposals. Under the Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act, the state will fund at least 40 percent of eligible school construction costs through annual debt service aid. Most of the construction projects on Tuesday’s ballot are at least partially eligible for state funds.

Here are the statewide figures, tracking construction spending, gathered by the New Jersey School Boards Association from the school districts and the offices of the county clerks:

Statewide amount proposed – $199,143,693
State funding proposed – $38,651,525 (State reimbursement through annual debt service aid equaling at least 40 percent of eligible costs)

A synopsis of the ballot questions follows:

Glen Rock (Bergen County)

Renovations, alterations and improvements are proposed at the Central Elementary School, Glen Rock Middle/High School, and the Hamilton, Coleman and Byrd elementary schools.

Total amount: $14,718,320
State funds:  $5,298,152

Florence (Burlington County)

  • Proposal 1: Security and HVAC upgrades are proposed for Roebling Elementary School; the Riverfront School and the Florence Memorial High School.
    Total amount: $21,566,938
    State funds: $8,382,775.2
  • Proposal 2: (Contingent upon approval of Proposal 1): Construction of a new track and athletic field lighting; new playgrounds and a storage facility at three district schools.
    Total amount: $2,612,500
    State funds: $495,000

Lumberton (Burlington County)

Security, health and safety needs will be addressed with renovations, alterations and improvements at Ashbrook Elementary School, Bobby’s Run School, Lumberton Middle School and Florence L. Walther Elementary.
Total amount: $4,881,288
State funds: $1,952,515

Monroe (Middlesex County)

  • Proposal 1: Construction of a new middle school on land located at 254 Applegarth Rd., Monroe.
    Total amount: $75,687,629
    State funds: $7,516,073
  • Proposal 2: (Contingent upon approval of Proposal 1): An addition to Monroe Township High School, including classrooms, science labs, special education classrooms, an auxiliary gymnasium, a satellite kitchen and cafeteria.
    Total amount: $71,030,018
    State funds: $11,548,210

Manasquan (Monmouth County)

Health and safety improvements at Manasquan High School including replacement of the HVAC and fire alarm systems.
Total amount: $8,647,000
State funds: $3,458,800

Hillsborough (Somerset County)

Voters are being asked to approve an additional $8,094,108  for the 2019-2020 school year. These taxes will be used to provide funds to maintain levels of programs and class size. The money will also be used to implement a full-day kindergarten program, including the employment of additional personnel, the acquisition of supplies, and the payment of the initial set up and lease of temporary classrooms. The tax increase would offset an anticipated decrease in state aid of $5.35 million over the next six years.