On May 13, the NJSBA Special Education Committee virtually met with special education officials in the New Jersey Department of Education.  The committee met with Dominic Rota, Esq., Director of the Office of Special Education Policy and Dispute Resolution and Dr. Kimberly Buxenbaum, Director of the Office of Special Education.  These officials shared with the committee what the federal and state departments of education are requiring of local districts during the COVID-19 pandemic and how clear and frequent communication between parents and local school officials can aid students during this time.

The committee shared with the officials its concerns about learning loss for special education students during the pandemic and the need to have a plan for reopening the schools that addresses the needs of special education students.

NJSBA thanks the officials for sharing their time and expertise with the committee.

COVID-19 Special Education Resources The NJSBA COVID-19 Resource Center webpage includes a section under “Resources and Information” heading that focuses on special education. Below are just a few of the resources available there: