The New Jersey State Bar Foundation (NJSBF) has released a new free virtual curriculum, Breaking Bias: Lessons from the Amistad.

New Jersey’s Amistad law was passed in 2002, and it requires African American history to be taught as an integral part of American history throughout the school year, not just during Black History Month.  The law takes its title from LaAmistad, a ship where 53 enslaved people revolted against the ship’s captain and crew in 1839.

The legislation also established New Jersey’s Amistad Commission, which created a valuable online curriculum and resources. The NJSBF’s guide is intended to complement the commission’s curriculum.

The new Breaking Bias: Lessons from the Amistad curriculum was developed for grades three through 12, and the first two units have been released online. While the curriculum can be used without attending a training, the NJSBF has free workshops available for educators. The sessions provide three  professional development credits for full participation.

More information, and access to the curriculum, is available here; information on professional development sessions can be found under the “Events” tab on the webpage.  For any questions or related inquiries, please email Elissa Zylbershlag at