The New Jersey School Boards Association and the U.S. Army invite you to participate in the 2021 Virtual STEAM Tank Challenge. This is the fifth season of this exciting design challenge where students choose what they want to invent, modify, or change through their unique problem-solving skills, creativity, and ingenuity.

“STEAM Tank gives students of all ages an extraordinary opportunity to invent and build a marketable product that can change the world,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA’s executive director. “I encourage students, parents and teachers to take advantage of this remarkable learning experience.”

Applications are now being accepted In keeping with the same entrepreneurial spirit of the in-person challenge, virtual STEAM Tank encourages students, facilitated by teachers, to work collaboratively to identify and develop innovative solutions to issues such as climate change and the environment, societal problems, the COVID-19 pandemic, and many more situations that need resolution in our schools, communities, state, and globally.

Encourage your students to join our STEAM Tank community where students have an opportunity to reimagine and redesign New Jersey to ensure our state is a sustainable, healthy, equitable, and safe place for everyone to live, work, and play.

The deadline has been extended to Feb. 12, 2021.

Learn More on Facebook Live Watch the recorded 2021 Virtual STEAM Tank Challenge Kickoff on Facebook Live. In addition to reviewing the program timeline and format, learn about the benefits for students, including design thinking and the engineering design process as a foundation for career-ready practices, and creative and innovative real-world problem-solving skills. Also, learn why sustainability, climate change, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral component of the STEAM Tank Challenge.

To learn more, visit the STEAM Tank Challenge webpage on the NJSBA website.