Arts Ed NJ, an arts education resource, policy and advocacy organization, has released updated guidance to help schools safely deliver arts instruction to students during the pandemic.

The updated guidance is available at

“Arts education is an essential part of any public school curriculum,” said NJSBA Executive Director Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod. “When the proper precautions are put in place, as outlined in the new, updated guidance, instruction in the arts can occur with minimal risk to the participants.”

Arts Ed NJ suggests that schools take precautions to ensure student safety during instrumental music classes. For musicians, Arts Ed suggests a “well-fitting, multi-layered, washable or disposable surgical style mask with a small slit for mouthpiece access while playing… Bell covers (for instruments) reduce aerosol emissions between 60% to 90%.”

Indoor singing, theater, debate, speech and dance classes are possible, Arts Ed said, as long as students and teachers are properly protected.

Arts Ed said, “Singers produce aerosol at similar rates as woodwinds and brass. … Wearing a well-fitting three-layer surgical style mask reduces aerosol emission.”

Additional safety recommendations are outlined in the new guidance issued on Nov. 13. For more information, Arts Ed NJ provides the following resources: