Members of local boards of education interested in candidacy for NJSBA office will find an application in this week’s School Board Notes. The  application also appears on NJSBA’s website. The deadline for filing the form with NJSBA’s Nominating Committee is 5 p.m. on Dec. 20, 2016.

Open positions include the presidency and vice presidencies for county activities, finance, and legislation/resolutions. Each office is for a two-year term, from May 2017 to May 2019.

The election of officers will take place on May 20, 2017 during NJSBA’s Delegate Assembly.

In addition to selection by committee, NJSBA bylaws permit officer candidates to be nominated by petition. Petitions may be obtained from the executive office beginning on March 9 and must be filed with the executive director no later than April 4.

Nominating by Petition Article VII, Section 6 of the bylaws states:

Candidates may be nominated by petition, signed by at least 10 members from at least five different district boards of education, and filed with the executive director at least 45 days prior to the regular election. No candidate may be nominated unless he or she has previously served one full term as a board member prior to his/her election to office. The written consent of the candidate for nomination must be filed with the executive director within the same time limit. This time limit shall be waived in the event of an emergency resignation of a candidate previously nominated by the Nominating Committee or by petition.

The signatures need not all appear upon a single petition, and any number of petitions may be filed on behalf of any candidate, but no petition shall contain the name of more than one candidate. No person who serves on the Nominating Committee may be nominated by petition as a candidate for office at the forthcoming election.

Petitions may not be obtained or circulated prior to the Nominating Committee submitting its certified copy of its report to the executive director.

A report of all candidates nominated by petition shall be submitted to the district boards of education at least 40 days in advance of the regular election.

Nominations made by the committee and by petition will be announced in School Board Notes.