Can a school district change from an appointed to an elected board of education? What are the current requirements for a teacher to acquire tenure? When is a district eligible for “cap banking?” May a board member whose niece is a teacher in the district serve on the board’s negotiations committee?

These questions – and more—are answered in the latest edition of Basic School Law, written by the attorneys and subject area specialists at the New Jersey School Boards Association.  This comprehensive reference offers current and authoritative information on state and federal education law.

“Basic School Law is the definitive resource on New Jersey education statute, regulation, and court decisions,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director. “I commend our Legal and Labor Relations Department and other staff experts who spent over a year developing this comprehensive volume on New Jersey education law.”

The book, which runs more than 500 pages, is currently available to NJSBA members at a price of $125; non-members pay $150. Ordering information can be found on the NJSBA website here.