Students can learn about democracy by participating in a mock election sponsored by five New Jersey groups.

This year, New Jersey is electing a United States Senator, members of the House of Representatives, and members of local governments and boards of education. Student voting begins on Oct. 16. Information about the mock election is available here.

The 2018 Election is the perfect time to introduce students to the process of voting. As students participate in the mock election, they will:

  • Learn about our system of government and elections
  • Study the issues
  • Form opinions
  • Vote for preferred candidates

As they learn about the issues, they can also learn how to tell what sources are reliable and whether arguments by the candidates or political parties are logical and truthful.

The New Jersey Mock Election is sponsored by the N.J. Social Studies Supervisors Association, N.J. Center for Civic Education, the Community Foundation of N.J., the N.J. Council for Social Studies, and the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association.