Cumberland Salem SBA
At the Sept. 26 joint meeting of the Cumberland and Salem county school boards associations, left to right: Brandon Pugh, NJSBA vice president for legislation/resolutions; Dominick Miletta, Salem County SBA president; Michelle Kennedy, Cumberland County SBA president; Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director; and Eileen Miller, Salem County representative to the NJSBA Board of Directors.
Essex County SBA
The Essex County School Boards Association (ECSBA) elected officers at the group’s Sept. 27 meeting. Left to right: Judith Amorim Dias, ECSBA vice president; Sandra Mordecai, ECSBA president; and Jill Fischman, ECSBA vice president.
Hudson County SBA
At the Sept. 26 meeting of the Hudson County School Boards Association, Adam Herman of Adams, Gutierrez and Lattiboudere spoke on the recent U. S. Supreme Court Janus decision.
Sussex County SBA
Dennis DeGroat (at left in photo) of the Stillwater Board of Education was recently honored at a meeting of the Sussex County School Boards Association for 30 years of service to his board. Ray Pinney, NJSBA director of member engagement (at right), presented the award.