Each year, New Jersey’s local board of education members make significant contributions to the public schools of their communities. NJSBA is currently seeking nominees for its 16th Annual Board Member of the Year Award, which recognizes a local school board member whose work exemplifies commitment not only to the children of his or her community, but also to public education throughout the state of New Jersey. 

You are encouraged to nominate a board member whom you believe has been an outstanding trustee of public education. Nominations can be submitted by fellow board of education members, district administrators and staff, and members of the community. Current NJSBA officers and staff may not nominate candidates for the award nor may current NJSBA officers be nominated for the award. 

NJSBA established the Board Member of the Year award in 2004 to honor an individual board member for exemplary leadership, dedication to his or her professional development,  participation in efforts to advance education governance at the local, county and state levels, and strong commitment to the children of New Jersey. 

Nominees must have five consecutive years of experience as a board of education member and must hold the NJSBA Certified Board Member designation. 

The winner will be recognized later this year. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020. 

For a nomination form, click here.