The New Jersey School Boards Association, in collaboration with Arts Ed NJ, is seeking student submissions for performances to appear during NJSBA’s Virtual Workshop 2020, taking place Oct. 20 – 22, 2020.  

NJSBA and Arts Ed NJ are looking for students to sing, dance, play music, or perform theater or poetry to engage and energize the audience. 

Performances may be featured before opening keynote events, during the Arts in Education Showcase (produced in partnership with the N.J. Governor’s Awards in Arts Education and Arts Ed NJ), or at future virtual county school boards association meetings.  

All performance submissions must be recorded between the spring of 2020 and the fall of 2020 from a virtual or social distanced setting.  

Tips on recording: 

  • Hold the phone sideways (landscape) and not vertical. 
  • The performer should try to face a light source (for example, don’t have a window with daylight behind the performer).  
  • Try to get the camera (computer, phone, etc.) at eye level.  
  • Center the subject in the shot and make sure heads are close to the screen’s top but not touching it. 
  • Minimize other background noise.  

All submissions will receive equal consideration. The deadline for receiving the completed Student Performance Proposal Form is Friday, Sept. 18.  


To learn more about NJSBA’s Virtual Workshop 2020, visit