Does your community include Spanish-speaking residents who may want to learn more about boards of education and how they operate?

NJSBA’s concise brochure, “Who Does What in Public Education,” explains the responsibilities of the board of education and the chief school administrator.  It is an excellent resource for new board members, superintendents and citizens who want a better understanding of school governance.

That brochure has now been translated into Spanish for districts that want to provide a version for their Spanish-speaking community members.

Both the English- and the Spanish-language versions are available on the NJSBA website so that school districts can download and print copies to make them available to the public. Often boards have copies of the brochure available at board meetings.  “Who Does What in Public School Governance,” and “¿Quién hace qué en la Administración de las Escuelas Públicas?” are available here.