Changes to assessment postponed The State Board of Education was scheduled to publish its proposal concerning Standards and Assessment in the NJ Register for public comment.  However, the Commissioner announced that the proposal would not be moved at the meeting, delaying its publication.  Sen. Teresa Ruiz, chair of the Senate Education Committee addressed the State Board stating that assessment must serve the most vulnerable students, not just those who are college bound. Ruiz encouraged the NJDOE to collaborate with legislature and all stakeholders concerning its proposal.

Supporting students and teachers Department of Education staff then gave presentations on the ways in which it supports student achievement.  These include social-emotional learning, response to intervention (tiered system of supports), special education and supporting high quality career pathways. The department also addressed NJQSAC and the recent PARCC results.  As part of its presentation, the department featured the accomplishments of the Weehawken and Long Branch school districts. Additionally, the department proposed a new organizational chart which the State Board approved.