Left to right on the stage in the photo (all board members, unless otherwise indicated):  Lisa Giovanelli, business administrator/board secretary, Eric Fueger, Robert Sapp, Allan Hollowell, Dr. Christopher Heilig, superintendent, Richard Alaimo, 40-year board member honoree, Charles Miller, board president, Diane Solan, board vice president, Luis Don, and Christina Daily.

On Sept. 22, the Rancocas Valley Regional Board of Education honored Richard Alaimo for 40 years of board service.   

“NJSBA offers its heartfelt congratulations to Richard Alaimo for four decades of service to the Rancocas Valley Regional Board of Education,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director. “His experience in the district and his institutional memory provide stability, context and an informed viewpoint to the board. We thank him for his service and the countless hours he has devoted to the children of his community.”  

Attending the meeting virtually on the screen behind the board were Mary Ann Friedman, the board’s NJSBA field service representative (top left) and Jesse Adams (bottom left), an NJSBA field service representative who served on the Rancocas Valley board for 10 years prior to joining the Association staff.