As a Newton High School student, Isobel Costello saw an issue in her own Sussex County backyard and decided to do something about it.

She noticed that some of her fellow students didn’t have enough to eat. So, three years ago, she started what she called “The Weekend Bag Program.”

Isobel has spent about 15 hours a week for the last three years, putting together care packages to help the needy. She’s a senior now, serving six schools. Over the past three years, here’s a glimpse at what she has achieved through her program:

  • 21,960 meals provided.
  • 14,640 snacks.
  • 73,200 hygiene items.

As Isobel prepares to go to college next year, she is determined to make “The Weekend Bag Program” go on after she leaves.  For more information, watch our NJSBA video profile or contact Isobel at