NJM’s Teen Driver Safety Program, entering its fourth year this fall, has already reached more than 65,000 New Jersey high school students. The award-winning program is comprised of presentations on safe teen driving, which are free to New Jersey high schools. They are given by NJM Safety Officers with more than 50 years of law enforcement experience between them. Topics covered include distracted, impaired and fatigued driving, and New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License laws.

The importance of seat belt use is emphasized in the presentations. That’s because nationally, teens have the lowest rate of seat belt usage of any group. The reasons often cited by young drivers for not using the safety device include the complaint that it is uncomfortable, that they forget to buckle up or that the trip was short.

Students polled During the 2015-2016 school year, nearly 7,000 students were polled before and after the presentations to gauge any changes in attitude and perceptions. As indicated by the responses below, the impact was measurable and trended in a positive direction.

NJM’s Teen Driver Safety Officers can visit your high school to give a presentation about safe teen driving habits. The topics and timing of the presentation can be tailored to the needs of the schools requesting them.

To get information about scheduling a teen driver presentation, go to njm.com/teen-driver-safety.