On May 24, the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey (ELFNJ) and the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership (NJEFP) will join together to bring NJSBA members a full-day training program held at NJSBA headquarters in Trenton, “Best Practices of Successful Education Foundations.”

Schools increasingly depend on alternative sources of funding, and this collaborative training session covered critical policies for both the nonprofit foundation and the school district.

Education foundations are their own nonprofit entities, with their own boards of directors. They are, however, unique because they are directly affiliated with a government entity, the school district.

When each organization takes the time and makes the effort to understand the governing policies of the other, communication becomes easier. Attendees will learn how education foundations will have their greatest impact — and best support their school district — through collaboration by both parties.

Along with hearing about alternative financing options such as foundations and grants, participants will learn that an education foundation can be more than just a source of additional funds for a district; it can be a conduit between a community and its schools.

More information about education foundations is available on the NJEFP website.