NJSBA’s members may not realize that the Association has a YouTube channel, which is full of videos of interest to school board members — and anyone interested in public education.

The channel includes more than 300 videos on various topics, and of various lengths. Most of the videos have been produced by Ray Pinney, director of member engagement, and NJSBA’s part-time videographer, Robin Kampf.

Although we don’t like to play favorites, below we’ve listed a handful of videos we recommend viewing. We also urge you take a deeper dive into our video archive, which can be found at www.youtube.com/njsba.


For the latest news: Monthly Minute

Each month NJSBA does a quick video recap of the month’s significant New Jersey education news. The August 2018 Monthly Minute, for example, features a segment on the recently enacted law making recess mandatory for students in grades kindergarten through five.

Here’s the link. 

For inspiration: New Jersey’s Oldest High School Graduate and the District that Made it Happen

In June, the school administration at Becton Regional High School initiated “Operation Vito.” The goal? To award a WW II prisoner of war his high school diploma more than 70 years after he left high school to serve in the war. This video highlights Vito Trause, the veteran, as well as the school administrators who executed “Operation Vito.”

Here’s the link. 

For in-depth information: Conversations on School Security

This is a ten-part series of interviews with school security experts from around the state, who discuss topics from building a collaborative relationship between schools and local law enforcement, to school resource officers, to student social-emotional development.

Here’s the link. 

For new board members and board of education candidates: Ten Things to Know

A ten-video series on topics that new board members, and board of education candidates, should become acquainted with. Subjects covered include the role of the board member, training requirements, criminal background checks, required forms and filing, the Sunshine Law and the school board, and conflicts of interest board members may face.

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To answer the question: How Many School Board Members Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

At a 2012 board leadership program presentation, the late Mary Delagardelle, one of the authors of the Iowa Lighthouse Study on the impact of school boards, answered the question of how many board members does it take to change a light bulb.

Here’s the link.