Broadreach medical resources logoA penny saved is a penny earned” is a piece of timeless wisdom that embodies the essence of financial prudence, teaching that the value of even the smallest savings can accumulate substantially over time. This principle holds particularly true in the management of district health and prescription benefits.

Savings negotiated by astute business managers and superintendents offer vital budgetary relief, freeing essential cash that can be reinvested into the school’s discretionary needs. These funds can support additional staff, procure materials, facilitate training, or fulfill any other worthy purpose.

Identifying expenses that can reduce and potentially return funds to the district is a challenge. However, your Rx plan is a rare opportunity that ticks those boxes. With diligent negotiation and collaboration with the expert guidance of the Rx partner, schools can free material savings for reinvestment into educational initiatives.

As a member of the Haddonfield School Board, I have a particular understanding of the demands placed on every school professional and the importance of keeping every dollar in our districts.

Broadreach Medical Resources, a category leader in prescription drug plan cost reduction, is an ELFNJ and multiyear NJSBA and Partners in Education sponsor. Greg Esemplare leads the School District PBM and health care practice of BMR, is a proud parent of two children attending N.J. public schools and a sitting member of the Haddonfield Board of Education. He is speaking in his capacity as a private citizen and these statements are not representative of the Haddonfield board or its individual members, but solely represent his personal opinions.