In the heart of New Jersey, the Trenton Public Schools district is experiencing a technological metamorphosis — thanks in part to its strategic alliance with SHI, a global provider of technology solutions. At the helm of this transformation is Evette Reyes, the district’s executive director of technology and innovation, whose visionary leadership and collaborative approach are reshaping the educational landscape for thousands of students.

Reyes’ journey in the Trenton school district began with a daunting task: revamping an outdated technology infrastructure that had seen little improvement in over a decade. With a passion for technology and 26 years in education (19 in the classroom and seven in administration), she quickly identified the need for a comprehensive overhaul, one that meets the demands of modern teaching and learning. Moreover, she wanted to align closely with the superintendent’s strategic plan for the district and continue his drive for out-of-the-box thinking.

Enter SHI, a company known for its expertise in delivering customized technology solutions. Reyes recognized the potential benefits of connecting with SHI to address the district’s challenges.

“SHI was already involved in smaller projects, but I realized there was so much more we could be doing as partners,” Reyes said.

The collaboration kicked off with a focus on rebuilding the district’s network infrastructure. Reyes and her team, with SHI’s guidance, embarked on a mission to create a robust and secure network that could support the increasing digital demands of the district. This included upgrading to a 10-gigabit network, implementing redundant systems and enhancing cybersecurity measures.

Plugging into empowered learning Under Reyes’ leadership, the district has seen the implementation of various technologies that have significantly improved the educational experience. Promethean boards, iPads and a combination of Windows and Chrome devices are now staple tools in classrooms, facilitating interactive learning and ensuring students have access to digital resources.

One of the standout initiatives has been the partnership with Apple, which Reyes spearheaded. This collaboration has not only provided students with iPads but also brought an Apple-embedded coach to the district, further enhancing the integration of technology in Trenton classrooms.

Building a future-ready team Crucially, Reyes understands that technology is only as good as the people managing it. To that end, she has focused on building a skilled and knowledgeable team within the district.

“My scope of work involves all parts of our network, student information system and instructional technology integration,” Reyes said. She is also part of the district’s leadership team, overseeing all technology hardware, software, cybersecurity and instructional technology.

With SHI’s support, the district’s technology team has undergone significant growth, both in numbers and expertise. From just a handful of technicians, the team has expanded to include specialists in network administration, systems management and cybersecurity. Growth of this kind has been instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation and maintenance of the new technology infrastructure.

Going beyond the classroom Under Reyes’ leadership, the district has also ventured into the realm of esports, recognizing its potential as a tool for engagement and learning, especially at the middle and high school levels. Not only does it provide students with a platform to explore their interests, but it also opens opportunities for careers in the rapidly growing esports industry.

Reyes is not just focused on integrating technology into the classroom; she’s also dedicated to preparing students for the digital world.

“I want to reimagine a high school of 600 students to be more technology-focused, with industry-level certifications,” she explained.

This vision includes creating a hub where students can take certification exams and turning the school into a center for technological excellence. What’s more, she plans to involve students in hands-on experiences at SHI’s own data center, turning field trips into valuable learning opportunities.

“I want our high schoolers to have the experience my team does when they go to SHI,” she said. “It makes the learning real and shows them the possibilities in the tech field.”

Progressing through partnership The collaboration between Trenton Public Schools and SHI is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in driving technological advancements in education. SHI’s role has been crucial in providing the district with the tools, expertise and support needed to realize its vision. With the company’s guidance, all of the district’s game-changing solutions and services were secured through a New Jersey School Boards Association procurement contract, allowing Trenton’s technology transformation to go quickly and seamlessly.

Ultimately, Reyes’ leadership and SHI’s services have led to a more connected, secure and innovative learning environment. Students now enjoy access to modern technology that enhances their learning experience, while teachers are equipped with the tools they need to deliver engaging and effective instruction.

As the Trenton Public Schools district continues its technological journey, the partnership with SHI remains a cornerstone of its infrastructure success, allowing it to move rapidly with Apple’s instructional technology while creating a professional learning space. Reyes looks to the future with optimism, envisioning a district where technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of education, empowering students and staff to reach new heights.

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