Call for Student Performance Proposals for NJSBA’s Virtual Workshop 2021!

Does your school have talented singers? Can your high school marching band rev up even a socially distanced crowd? Is your students’ digital media cutting edge?

Give their performances and visual artwork a statewide platform at this year’s NJSBA Annual Workshop 2021!

The three-day virtual conference is the largest training event for school leaders in the Garden State. It is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 26, to Thursday, Oct. 28.

NJSBA and Arts Ed NJ are looking for students to sing, dance, play music, perform theater or deliver poetry to engage and energize the audience.

Performances may be featured before keynote speakers, during the Arts in Education Showcase, produced in partnership with the N.J. Governor’s Awards in Arts Education and Arts Ed NJ; or at future virtual county school boards association meetings.

Please submit your school’s virtual or in-person performances that were recorded safely from the 2020 – 2021 school year in art, music, theatre, dance, digital media, and other visual arts.

All submissions will receive equal consideration. Completed student performance proposal forms are due Friday, June 25.

Submit a performance today! 

Record Like a Pro

  • Hold the phone sideways (landscape setting) and not vertical.
  • The performer should attempt to face a light source (for example, do not have a window with daylight behind the performer).
  • Try to keep the camera (computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.) at eye level.
  • Center the subject in the shot and make sure heads are close to the top of the screen, but not touching it.
  • Minimize additional background noise.