The East Orange Board of Education seeks an engaged leader, who is experienced, innovative, and transparent who possesses the following characteristics:

An experienced educational leader who:

  • Demonstrates the ability to connect at all levels in a diverse and complex community with different needs, expectations, and perspectives.
  • Displays decisive decision-making abilities, using the appropriate data, regarding the organizational efficiencies of a complex school district or organization and is accountable for effective implementation.
  • Prioritizes equity, inclusion, mental health, and student achievement, regardless of background, abilities, school, level of proficiency, or classification.
  • Builds upon and elevates student success by leveraging 21st century instructional research and programming for all students and staff.
  • Has the ability to use data to drive thoughtful decisions, district goals and strategic initiatives.
  • Encourages student voice, values their perspective, and uses a system-wide whole child approach to support the needs of all children.
  • Display fiscal and facilities responsibility through effective and equitable allocation of resources.
  • Exhibits integrity and a high level of emotional intelligence.

A relationship builder who:

  • Places the students at the center of every decision.
  • Develops and maintains professional, collaborative, and respectful relationships with stakeholders based on a strong set of core values and mutual trust.
  • Seeks input prior to making decisions, communicates the rationale behind each decision, and stands firm once a decision is made.
  • Develops, empowers, and holds accountable an effective leadership team and staff.
  • Recruit and retain diversified staff reflective of the community and district population.
  • Fosters an open and safe learning environment.

A transparent communicator who:

  • Communicates regularly, clearly, and concisely in a way that engages and values all stakeholders.
  • Creates a sense of community around a shared vision of excellence.
  • Demonstrates courage in the face of challenges and the ability to navigate complex situations with confidence and empathy.
  • Invests in the community by being visible, present, approachable, and actively engaged in district and community events.

A successful candidate will:

  • Have exemplary, executive-level educational leadership experience in an urban/suburban learning environment.
  • Have or be immediately eligible for a New Jersey School Administrator Certificate.
  • Urban school district experience, preferred.

Compensation: Salary in the range of $250,000 depending upon qualifications, experience, and credentials and subject to negotiations. Benefits similar to other district employees, applicable NJ statutes and subject to negotiation.

*Note: Letters may be addressed to Marissa McKenzie, Board Secretary

Essex County

Job Overview

Closes:March 1, 2024
Location:Essex County
Job Title:Superintendent