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NJSBA Celebrates a Centennial Birthday
On April 8, 1914, an organization was formed to assist New Jersey’s local school boards in advancing public education. Learn about plans to recognize the Association’s 100th Anniversary. (4/14)
NJSBA Issues Results of Year-Long Special Education Study
Report includes 20 recommendations to control cost while preserving program quality. (4/11)
Reflections: Special Education—A Service, Not a Place
Executive Director Dr. Larry Feinsod addresses the upcoming release of the Final Report of the NJSBA Special Education Task Force. (4/3)
Court: Bullies May Cost Parents
NJSBA’ staff attorneys provide a summary of a recent Superior Court decision to allow a school district to bring a claim against the parents of students accused of HIB. (4/3)
Candidates Kit for November 2014 School Board Elections Now Available
NJSBA has posted information for candidates running for school board in the November 4, 2014 Election. Information includes important dates, petitions and a vote poster.(4/2)
Public Employment Relations Commission Ruling Will Affect School Boards Across State
Recent decision addresses the obligation to pay increments after contract expiration. (3/20)
Frequently Asked Questions about the 2014 School Elections
NJSBA attorneys provide answers to 119 questions about the upcoming April and November school elections. (3/7)
NJ Educator Resource Exchange Offers Tools to Implement Standards
An NJDOE resource provides educators and parents with tools and information on standards-aligned instruction, including the Common Core State Standards, New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards, and the N.J. Model Curriculum, as well as assessment and professional development. (3/3)
Making Up Snow Days: Meeting the 180-day Requirement
NJSBA’s staff attorneys provide an FAQ on the statutory instructional day minimum, related regulation, and previous guidance issued by the NJ Department of Education. (2/12)
Teacher Salary Guide Comparisons
Updated data on teacher salary guides for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, including longevity summaries, are now available (password required). (2/6)
2014 School Election and Budget Procedures Calendar
The N.J. Department of Education recently issued the list of critical dates in the budget development and election process. (1/27)