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Reminder: NJSBA Summer Office Hours
During the summer, NJSBA observes a four-day work week, with extended hours for staff on Monday through Thursday.
Late Labor Day Helps Bring Earlier Classes, NJSBA Survey Shows
A late-arriving Labor Day – the holiday falls on Sept. 7 – is helping send more districts back to school earlier this year, according to a School Board Notes survey. (8/26)
Negotiations Continue in 31% of Districts
Status similar to last year; increased instructional time, salary policies among bargaining issues. (8/25)
NJSBA Applauds PERC Decision on Chapter 78 Health Insurance Contributions
Decision clarifies issue and serves as a guide for boards in negotiations. (8/20)
Deadline Approaches for School Board Member of the Year Nominations
Nominations for the honor, given to local school board members, are due Sept. 4. (8/17)
Governor Takes Action on 40 Bills
Many affect local school districts and students. (8/13)
Workshop 2015: Commissioner Hespe to Address the State of Education
At NJSBA’s annual conference in October, the commissioner will speak on progress toward education goals, provide a look into the future, and discuss how state and local school leaders can work together. (8/12)
Delegate Assembly Resolutions Deadline Approaches
The cutoff for submission of resolutions to the next NJSBA Delegate Assembly will be 5 p.m., Tuesday, September 8, 2015. (8/12)
Teachers Salary Guide Comparisons
Newly updated data for teachers salary guides for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, including longevity summaries, are now available (password required). (8/5)
Reflections: Good News from Washington (It’s True!)
The U.S. Senate’s reauthorization of the federal education act advances the concept of local control of public education. (7/23)
Report Shows Value of NJSBA
Within a single school year, local boards of education secured more than $33.7 million in services, assistance and savings through their NJSBA membership – an amount four-and-a-half times greater than annual statewide dues. (7/6)
Awards for Going Green
The U.S. Green Building Council is accepting nominations for a student award program that recognizes the value of sustainability. The application deadline is September 16. (7/1)