Resources for New Members

State Mandated Training – Governance I

New Jersey state law requires school board members and charter school trustees to attend training in the first, second and third years of a first term, and in the first year of a re-elected or reappointed term. The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) is the state-designated provider of Mandated Training, which is available at no cost to members.

NJSBA offers several methods for new board members to complete their training: 

NJSBA Comprehensive New Board Member Mandated Professional Learning Experience This program gives participants a unique opportunity to work in virtual small-group settings with experienced veteran board members. The program will allow members the flexibility to read and work through materials at their pace, but also attend live sessions with NJSBA staff and educational experts, as well as participate in a virtual community to exchange ideas, questions, and facilitate discussions.   This program will take a deeper dive into the board member experience and includes more informational sessions than the other formats. Please check for dates and updated information.

Live Virtual New Board Member Courses Live Virtual sessions, offered in three parts, are facilitated by NJSBA staff, include smaller groups and allow for live Q and A with staff experts in the fields of labor relations, ethics, HIB, governance, student achievement, and policy.  The member MUST attend all three sessions to be considered in compliance with their required training.

New Board Member Orientation Online Course This program provides the opportunity to complete all mandated training online. Completion on any of the platforms satisfies the requirements of the School Ethics Act. Registration for mandated training may only be completed online through the school district office. Please contact your district office to be registered.

For updates and more information, visit the Mandated Training web page.

Membership Guide

As an elected or appointed school official, you have earned membership in a dynamic education association. This is your guide to the wealth of opportunities that NJSBA provides.

Helpful Information

3Rs: What to Expect When You’re Elected

Parliamentary Procedure

Who Does What in Public School Governance

Remote Board Meetings: A Code of Conduct for Members

NJSBA Resources

Field Services

Your field service representative (FSR) is a wonderful resource and your district’s primary point of contact with NJSBA. Visit the Field Services web page to learn more. To find your FSR, use the “Find Your FSR” tool at the top of this page.

Labor Relations

NJSBA provides resources, training, and advice to help your district meet its labor relations challenges, including negotiations strategy, salary guide development, and responding to union activities. Visit the labor relations web page, and review the following document: Labor Relations for School Board Members: Too Important to Ignore


NJSBA Policy Services provides resources and direct assistance to guide your district in developing documents that meet state and federal requirements and reflect the local school board’s beliefs in education. Visit the policy web page, and review the document: Policy and You, The New School Board Member

NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System

The NJSBA cooperative pricing system eliminates the need for your district to undergo the competitive bidding process. The program, supported by the New Jersey Department of Education, and developed in cooperation with the N.J. Department of Community Affairs (DCA), enables school districts and member charter schools to purchase discounted school technology, COVID-19 related goods and services, professional development, and low-cost resources.


NJSBA attorneys provide training, legal information, and research, and lead NJSBA’s participation as a “friend of the court” in cases of statewide significance. To learn more, visit the legal web page.


The NJSBA TEC program provides cost-saving alternatives for creating, establishing, and continuing the most current digital learning opportunities available for students. Learn more on the NJSBA TEC web page.

NJSBA’s 3Rs: Roles, Resources, and Responsibilities

NJSBA hosts regional virtual programs designed to provide important information for new, and not-so-new board members. The programs cover a variety of topics and offer many opportunities to ask questions and network with board members from other districts. Visit our 3Rs page to learn more.

Fundamentals of School Board Membership

NJSBA’s anthology on the basics of board membership includes articles on topics ranging from board-superintendent relations and tips for new board members to the board’s role in curriculum and in finance. The book also includes a Glossary of Education Terms and Acronyms. This publication is available as a free PDF only to NJSBA members.