Attorney of the Day

An NJSBA staff attorney is available at 1-609-278-5279 to provide legal information to board members, school administrators, member charter school board trustees, and AMPSA members.


Throughout the year, our staff attorneys provide training and information through forums such as county school boards association meetings, NJSBA’s Annual School Law Forum, the state-required Governance I, II, III and IV programs, and presentations at a wide range of programs sponsored by educational and legal organizations. Whether the topic is the New Jersey School Ethics Act, the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, the Open Public Meetings Act or the Open Public Records Act, the staff attorneys serve as excellent resources on the responsibilities of local boards of education and their members.

NJSBA also offers a podcast show, School Law Today, which draws on the experience of attorneys with expertise in various areas of school law. The programs air live, but are also archived so that listeners can access them at any time.

Topical School Law Library

Through FAQs, reports and outlines, NJSBA’s staff attorneys provide information on the Annual School Election, the School Ethics Commission’s decisions and opinions, and school governance.

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Index to School Law Decisions

NJSBA Index to School Law Decisions is an online reference that includes summaries of decisions by the Commissioner of Education, the State Board of Education and the School Ethics Commission. The Index also includes selected rulings by the courts and entities such as the Government Records Council. Developed and updated regularly by NJSBA’s staff attorneys, this on-line research publication is of particular interest to school board attorneys and school administrators.

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The Associate Membership Program for School Attorneys is the only organization dedicated exclusively to New Jersey’s school board attorneys. From conferences to subscriptions to consultation, AMPSA offers unparalleled training opportunities and information resources essential to the practice of school law.

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Basic School Law 2019

Can a school district change from an appointed to an elected board of education? What are the current requirements for a teacher to acquire tenure? When is a district eligible for “cap banking?” May a board member whose niece is a teacher in the district serve on the board’s negotiations committee?

These questions – and more—are answered in the latest edition of Basic School Law, written by the attorneys and subject area specialists at the New Jersey School Boards Association.  This newly revised, comprehensive reference offers current and authoritative information on state and federal education laws. Learn more.

Amicus Curiae

NJSBA participates as amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” in cases of statewide significance to local school districts.