Index to School Law Decisions

NJSBA Index to School Law Decisions is an online reference that includes summaries of decisions by the Commissioner of Education, the State Board of Education and the School Ethics Commission through 2014. The Index also includes selected rulings by the courts and entities such as the Government Records Council. Developed and updated regularly by NJSBA’s staff attorneys, this on-line research publication is of particular interest to school board attorneys and school administrators.

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Basic School Law 2019

Basic School Law

Election and Budget Information

School Election FAQ

NJ Department of Education District Wide Budget Information

Recall Election FAQ

School Finance Elections

Do’s and Don’ts of School Budget Campaigns

Do’s and Don’ts of School Budget Campaigns (Power Point Presentation)

Do’s and Don’ts True-and-False Quiz


Frequently Asked Questions about the School Ethics Commission

Board Member and Trustee Code of Ethics

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Code of Ethics

School Ethics Act—DOE Regulations, (N.J.A.C. 6A:28-1.1 et seq.)

FAQ on filing the Personal/Relative Disclosure Forms

School Ethics Commission Disclosure Forms-NJDOE information

Public Advisory Opinions of the School Ethics Commission

How to Ask the School Ethics Commission for an Advisory Opinion

School Ethics Commission Resolution on Invoking the Doctrine of Necessity


Transgender Students

New Federal Guidance on Transgender Student Accommodations Will Have Little Impact on State  (2/23/2017)

State Testing Program

Your Local School Board, Your Students and PARCC: Frequently Asked Questions

Statute, Code and Case Law Related to Student Participation in the State Testing Program

Sample Regulation: Refusal to Participate in Statewide Proficiency Assessments

Sample Regulation: Refusal to Participate in Statewide Proficiency Assessments (Document may be modified by school district)

Inclement Weather and the 180 Day Requirement

Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

Anti-Bullying: Case Law Review (outline)

Bullying Involving Students with Special Needs (presentation)

Fredon Twp. 18A 37 15

Fredon Twp. Bullying the Law and Clients 2017

Fredonl Twp. Defin of HIB 2-17

Fredon Township BOE February 2017 Anti-Bullying Presentation Role of the Board

Gov. 4 Anti Bullying Case Law 2016-2017

Gifted and Talented Education

Gifted and Talented Students (outline)

Gifted and Talented Students (presentation)

Gifted and Talented Students (quiz)


The ESSA and Gifted Children

NJAGC Gifted Conference March 2017 – PowerPoint

G&T Conf. March 2017 – Outline

National Assn. for Gifted Children

NJAGC Meets with NJDOE to Discuss ESSA


Voting Requirements for Board Members

FAQ Concerning Board of Education Organization

Annual Reorganization Meeting Agenda Items–Sample

Annual Board Resolutions and Adoption of the Budget–Sample

Oath of Office for Board Members

Open Public Meetings Act

Open Public Meetings Act – Text of Law

Open Public Meetings Act and Technology

Recent Decisions Related to the Open Public Meetings Act

Open Public Records Act

Open Public Records Act

Changes to OPRA’s copy fees (Effective Tuesday, November 9, 2010)

Recent Decisions Related to OPRA

Open Public Records Act: FAQ

New Jersey Government Records Council


Board Governance: Legal Requirements and Issues

Regionalization Outline 2011 (5-13)

Parliamentary Procedure

Employment Issues

Executive County Superintendent Review of Administrator Contracts Q&A

FMLA Summary and Comparison

FMLA Recent Developments

Paid Family Leave Handout

Nonrenewal & RIF FAQ

The Board Attorney’s Role in Personnel

The Board Attorney’s Role in Personnel (statues and code)

Rulings and Statutes

New Jersey Statutes

New Jersey Education Regulations

New Jersey School Law Decisions  (Commissioner | Arbitration TEACHNJ | State Board | School Ethics | Board of Examiners | Charter School Tenure Decisions | OAL)

Charter Schools

Trustees Role in Personnel

Trustees Role in Personnel (presentation)

Nothing contained in the documents above should be construed as legal advice. These documents are for informational purposes only. Please consult your board attorney for legal advice.