Field Services

Our highly skilled team provides direct, on-site services to boards of education across the state. Read the descriptions below to learn more about these valuable services.

Online Evaluations

State law requires school boards to evaluate the performance of their superintendent each year. NJSBA provides online resources to help your board complete this important task. Your field service representation can provide training for your board members to ensure an effective process is completed in the statutorily required time frame.

NJSBA also can assist the board in completion of a Board’s Self- Evaluation that provides an opportunity to review their processes and procedures and identify their strengths and opportunities for growth. This process is also available online.

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Superintendent Search

To help you find a school leader to match your district’s needs, NJSBA offers three levels of superintendent search, all with your Field Service Representative serves as a professional consultant. We guide the board through the identification of search criteria, placement of advertising, facilitation of community input, and development of interview questions and techniques. Learn more.

Goal Setting

By setting goals for the public schools, the school board represents the community’s aspirations for its students. Your field service representative can help you through the process with this valuable service, available as part of your board’s NJSBA membership.

Strategic Planning

NJSBA can help your school district prepare for the future through customized Strategic Planning that includes consultation through all phases of the process and assistance with an annual review and update. NJSBA offers two levels of strategic planning: the standard strategic planning process and the streamlined 3D model: “Determination, Dream, Destiny by Design.”

Board Governance

As part of your district’s NJSBA membership, your field service representative can provide on-site workshops and services on a wide range of subjects, including Board Member Ethics, Consensus-Building, Effective Meetings, Effective Year-Round Communications, and more.

Focus Group Facilitation

Your Field Service Representative can help your board gain community feedback before making long-range decisions in areas such as grade reconfiguration, goal-setting, or regionalization.

Charter School Governance

As part of the associate membership for charter schools, NJSBA offers on-site training and direct services delivered by NJSBA Field Service Representatives on topics such as goal-setting, strategic planning, administrator evaluation, board-lead person relations, and board effectiveness. Contact us for more information.

In-District Workshops

After completing an evaluation, boards may elect to participate in various board-effectiveness training or workshops geared toward strengthening areas of governance. Your Field Service Representative can offer in-district Workshops as part of your NJSBA membership dues.

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12-Month Planning Calendar for School Boards Boards

There are specific tasks and responsibilities that all boards share. The 12-month Planning Calendar for boards will give you a better understanding of what your board should and will be doing – and when. The timing on these activities is suggested, not required, except where noted.