Our Approach

New Jersey School Boards Association is uniquely qualified to help your school district find its educational leadership. We are the only search consultants with a working knowledge of your board and your community.

We take a well-rounded approach to our search process, bringing a thorough understanding of your district and your community’s culture and values.


There are many advantages to choosing NJSBA for your superintendent search. Some of these include:

Experience. For decades, NJSBA has been conducting superintendent searches, leading more than 125 superintendent searches in New Jersey in the last five years.

Continuity. Our search service continues until you appoint your new superintendent, no matter how long it takes. We are dedicated to assisting your district, and as your association, we will be around long after your superintendent search is over.

Team Approach. Your experienced Field Service Representative will work closely with your board throughout the process. In addition, our search services are backed by NJSBA’s full team of professionals, including our legal, policy and labor relations experts.

Affordability. NJSBA offers multiple search options, tailored to meet the needs of your district. Upon discussing your requirements, we will be able to help you determine the right level of service for your district.

Unique Features

NJSBA’s search process is all about your district. NJSBA works with all 581 school districts in New Jersey, and we know that no two districts are alike. We build your district’s needs into the search goals, candidate review process, and interview questions, to help you find the best possible fit.

Developing your unique search criteria. As part of our service, we will conduct an in-depth forum to develop selection criteria, and to determine the strengths, challenges, and needs of the district, and community and staff.

Confidentiality. We provide a facilitator and confidential secretarial services to maintain the integrity of the process. We ensure that applicant confidentiality is fully protected.

Expert Legal and Labor Relations assistance. Onsite consultation with NJSBA’s legal and labor relations staff regarding the contract negotiations process.

We walk you through every step of the process. NJSBA provides board briefings on essential information about the candidate pool, and resources and training on interviewing techniques, reference checks, contract terms and development, and more.

Onboarding assistance. We want to help ensure the long-term success of your new superintendent. NJSBA will assist you in working with your new superintendent to ensure a smooth transition.

Online Listings of Positions

Our online jobs board of superintendent positions attracts nearly 40,000 views annually. View our positions online.

Get Started Today

Let NJSBA help you find your next leader. To learn more, email us at suptsrch@njsba.org or contact your Field Services Representative.