Billions of dollars are distributed to schools each year from federal, state, and foundation grant funders. The NJSBA Grants Support Program helps to locate and access the funding needed for essential services, professional development, classroom technology, and innovative projects.

Since 2015, the Grants Support has helped local boards of education procure close to $1.8 million in grant funding.

Included in Your NJSBA Membership

Basic Grants Support

As a membership benefit, NJSBA provides:

  • Real-time access to a searchable database of current federal, state, and foundation grant opportunities
  • Email alerts of new opportunities and pending deadlines
  • Training on grant seeking and education grant programs

Available at a Discounted Rate

Funder Identification and Consultation

Funder identification and consultation are available in two levels of support.

Level 1: A la carte funder identification by project

Click on “Request Research” in the grants search tool available through the Grants Portal, and you can request a report of funders for a specific project. In about a week, a Grants Office consultant will deliver the report, with details on funding opportunities from federal, state, and foundation sources based on the project information you provided. The consultant will also review your report with you in a follow-up call of approximately one hour, to answer any questions and help you target your best prospects.

This service costs $695 per request, and you will need to enter a valid purchase order number when making the request.

Level 2: Unlimited annual support

Level 2 support provides any employee of Level 2 participating districts or charter schools and their affiliated local educational foundations with unlimited access to Grants Office consultants through the Grants Office Helpdesk.

Typical Helpdesk support includes:

  • Conducting basic funder research for identified projects, similar to Level 1
  • Providing insightful analyses of grant programs
  • Providing rationale for grant recommendations
  • Participating in conference calls to discuss grantseeking strategy
  • Reviewing and supplying useful feedback on grants written internally by school or foundation personnel
  • Procuring Requests for Proposals (RFPs), grant contact information, funding histories, web addresses, etc., upon request

Helpdesk requests can be submitted by Level 2 users by email, phone, or on the NJSBA Grants Support Program Portal. The Helpdesk will be available by phone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The fee for Level 2 support is based on the number of students served by the district as follows:

Total StudentsAnnual Cost

Level 2 program participation runs from July 1 – June 30, and the fee will be prorated appropriately for members that register for Level 2 services after July 1.

Proposal Development

NJSBA members may also request proposal development services through the NJSBA Grants Support Program. Fees for proposal development are based on the complexity of the grant application and the anticipated level of effort required to develop a compliant proposal. Regardless of the program, NJSBA members are eligible to receive a 25 percent discount off Grants Office’s standard proposal development pricing.

To access the NJSBA Grants Support portal, log in to your NJSBA account. To learn more about the Grants Support program, contact Lou Schimenti at