Information about Marijuana Legalization

For the January/February 2019 issue, NJSBA’s School Leader magazine contacted school boards associations around the country for information about how marijuana legalization affected schools in states where possession and consumption of recreational marijuana is permitted.

Further information is available from the following resources:

California School Boards Association

The California association issued three papers late in 2018:
The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on K-12: Current Status and Future Expectations (10/18)
The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on K-12: Use of Medical Marijuana in Schools (11/18)
The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on K-12: The Effect of Marijuana on the Brain (11/18)

Vermont School Boards Association

While the issue was being debated by the Legislature, the Vermont School Boards Association position paper regarding legalization addressed the Association’s concerns.

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

Summary of adult-use recreational marijuana laws throughout the nation (12/14/2018)

Summary of medical marijuana laws (1/23/2019)

NJSBA Model Policy on Medical Marijuana

The NJSBA Critical Policy Reference Manual provides a model Medical Marijuana Policy, offering guidance to school districts.