Today Gov. Phil Murphy approved legislation, A-4975/S-3187, that would provide certain districts relief from the periodic monitoring and self-evaluation system known as NJQSAC.

NJSBA strongly supported the measure, which is reflected in NJSBA’s “pandemic advocacy agenda,” part of the Association’s August 31 report, “Choosing the Best Road Back for Our Children.”

“We are pleased that the governor signed this common-sense legislation, which will help school districts focus their resources on responding to the challenges presented by the pandemic,” said NJSBA Executive Director Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod. “NJSBA offers its sincere thanks to the bill’s primary sponsor, Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti, for his leadership in shepherding this measure through the legislative process.”

The NJSBA worked closely with Assemblyman Chiaravalloti, education advocacy groups such as the N.J. Association of School Administrators, the NJDOE, and the governor’s office.

Under the legislation signed by the governor, districts that are required to undergo an NJQSAC review in the current (2020-2021) school year, and which were designated as “high performing” in their most recent review, will automatically have this year’s review postponed until their next scheduled review in 2023-2024. Districts that do not wish to have the review postponed will have to make a request to the commissioner of education.

Any district scheduled for review this year that was not designated as high performing would be eligible for a one-year postponement. Districts would have to provide written notification to the commissioner of education that they are not able to complete the review due to the impact of the pandemic. A school district that postpones its comprehensive review pursuant to this exception will be required to undergo its next review as if the postponement had not occurred (i.e., three years after the school year in which the review was originally scheduled to take place).