NJSBA Nominating Committee Issues Report

The NJSBA Nominating Committee met, pursuant to Article VII, Section 5 of the Association Bylaws, to interview candidates for officer positions. Eleven applicants were interviewed: two for president; four for vice president for county activities; one for vice president for finance, and four for vice president for legislation/resolutions.

Twelve applications had been received. However, one applicant withdrew from the interview process. The committee interviewed 11 candidates and prepared a report naming a candidate for president, vice president for county activities, vice president for finance and vice president for legislation/resolutions. All officer positions will be voted upon at the Annual Delegate Assembly meeting on May 18.

The Nominating Committee submits the following candidates to serve during the 2019-2021 term of office:

President – Michael R. McClure, Maple Shade Board of Education (Burlington)

Vice President for County Activities – Bruce R. Young, Carlstadt-East Rutherford Board of Education (Bergen)

Vice President for Finance – Tammeisha D. Smith, Knowlton Township Board of Education (Warren)

Vice President for Legislation/Resolutions – Karen Cortellino, Montville Township Board of Education (Morris)

Additional Information for Filling Officer Positions According to NJSBA Bylaws, candidates for all positions may also be nominated by petition, signed by at least ten members from at least five different boards of education, filed with the NJSBA Executive Director, and received no later than April 3 at 5:00 p.m.

No candidate may be nominated unless he or she has previously served one full term as a board member prior to his/her election to office. The signatures need not all appear upon a single petition and any number of petitions may be filed on behalf of a candidate, but no petition shall contain the endorsement of more than one candidate. A report of all candidates nominated by petition shall be submitted in advance of the meeting to the district boards of education.

Nominations by petition should be addressed to Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, Executive Director, New Jersey School Boards Association, 413 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08618. They may be sent via the following methods: email to charrison@njsba.org (with scanned signature); fax to 1-609-695-1577, Attn: Cindy Harrison; registered/receipt-requested mail; regular mail; or hand-delivery to NJSBA headquarters in Trenton.

The written consent of the candidate for nomination by petition must be filed with the Executive Director within the same time limit.

When submitting nominations by petition, candidates should include a “head and shoulders” photo and brief resume, including a 200-word statement explaining why he or she is seeking the position. Resumes should contain information under the following headings: local board activities, county activities, NJSBA activities, education, and employment/community activities. A sample petition may be obtained from Cindy Harrison in the Executive Office at charrison@njsba.org or (609) 278-5254.