You can now watch a video playlist highlighting insights from school and business leaders who attended the New Jersey School Boards Association’s inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference, which was held April 19 at the Conference Center at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor.

The video playlist includes a video that recaps the event as well as individual interviews with:

  • Denise Collison, senior vice president at SHI International, who was the keynote speaker at the event. She highlights the importance of mini-mentoring moments as well as formal mentorship. She also emphasizes the importance of cultivating a can-do mindset and asking for help when you need it.
  • Karen Cortellino, M.D., president of the NJSBA, highlights how far women have come as well as the challenges they still have to conquer. “I believe sometimes we are our own worst enemy, because it’s so hard for us to delegate,” she said. “We take it all on our shoulders.”
  • Laura Geltch, grants, communication and sponsorship coordinator at the Hamilton Township School District, explores why having a female perspective in the room is so important and why giving opportunities for women to thrive should be a priority.
  • Chanta L. Jackson, vice president for legislation/resolutions and president of the Neptune Township School Board, highlights the challenge of finding work-life balance as well as the importance of acting like a leader even when you aren’t in a leadership position, so you’re ready to capitalize on the opportunity when given the chance.
  • Irene LeFebvre, immediate past president of the New Jersey School Boards Association and president of the Boonton Town Board of Education, observed that everyone at the conference not only serves as a leader in the board room but as a leader in their chosen careers and in their respective families.

Janet Bamford, chief public affairs officer at the NJSBA, conducted the interviews.

Almost 200 people attended the sold-out Women’s Leadership Conference, which was spearheaded by Marcia Lavigne, the Association’s director of professional learning; and Lauren Cuervo, lead director of strategic development at the NJSBA.

View the video playlist.