The Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey, a nonprofit arm of the New Jersey School Boards Association, has announced that it has received a contribution from Broadreach Medical Resources, Inc. (BMRx)

BMRx provided a grant to the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey in support of its mission to advance public education governance through training and research. ELFNJ assists the NJSBA in fulfilling its mission to advance public education.

“We thank Broadreach Medical Resources, Inc. (BMRx) for its support of the Foundation’s innovative programs designed to equip board of education presidents, vice presidents, members and aspiring education leaders with the training and skills necessary to perform their roles effectively,” said ELFNJ Executive Director David Hespe. “The education of our youth is of extreme importance to Broadreach, and education and leadership development of our school board members is vital to ensuring all students in New Jersey receive the best education available.”

“Supporting top-tier education for the children of New Jersey reflects our deeply rooted commitment to academic excellence and community empowerment. We take immense pride in our collaboration with the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey, actively supporting its efforts to elevate public education governance through training, research, and grant allocations for professional development,” said Greg Esemplare, member of the Haddonfield Board of Education and vice president of BMRx.

Joseph Savasta, CEO of BMRx, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the crucial role of community involvement in education. He stated, “BMRx’s dedication to enriching educational experiences and fostering community bonds aligns perfectly with our company culture. Our ongoing support and collaboration with ELFNJ and NJSBA seeks to empower students to become active citizens who contribute positively to their local communities while exploring diverse cultures and expanding their horizons. Our entire team is proud to support ELFNJ and the NJSBA.”

The Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey, created in 2008, is an affiliate of the NJSBA and works to advance public education through training, research and grants to support professional development. It serves New Jersey’s local boards of education, public charter school boards of trustees, other public entities and nonprofit organizations.