On Aug. 21, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Justice, launched a public awareness campaign to highlight federal school safety resources and evidence-based practices available through SchoolSafety.gov.

The initiative is one of several new actions to support safer schools and communities. Through the campaign, school administrators and personnel, teachers, parents and guardians, and state and local government officials will learn about school safety resources available at SchoolSafety.gov.

The goal is to advance the mission and maximize the benefits of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act by accelerating and enhancing the implementation of programs and initiatives that will help families, communities and schools build capacity and establish and expand successful school safety strategies. The campaign is being launched for the back-to-school season to ensure schools have the tools they need to create and sustain welcoming, safe and supportive learning environments for students and educators.

As part of the campaign, SchoolSafety.gov will release a range of resources, including a video, communications toolkit and infographics, to help schools learn more about how to enhance school safety, access support, and easily share information about the campaign with others in their community. Campaign information and materials will be accessible through a dedicated hub on SchoolSafety.gov throughout August and September.

SchoolSafety.gov is the public website of the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse, an ongoing and collaborative effort among ED, DHS, DOJ, and HHS to enhance school safety through a whole-of-government approach. Through the site, the American public and school communities can access hundreds of resources and evidence-based practices to enhance school safety, which can be used to help inform and support school safety plans, programs and initiatives within individualized and unique school settings. These resources address a range of issues and elements critical to school safety and include information on bullying prevention, student mental health support and services, school climate, emergency planning and preventing acts of targeted and community violence. SchoolSafety.gov also includes several easy-to-use tools to help schools discover specific resources and create and implement comprehensive and holistic safety programs, including a feature that makes it easier to locate and identify available federal school safety funding opportunities and grant programs.

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