The New Jersey Department of Education recently announced the release of the revised Memorandum of Agreement Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials.

The New Jersey School Boards Association participated in the Law Enforcement Working Group that recommended the revisions. You can find a summary of the revisions here.

The 2023 version of the MOA was developed by the Education and Law Enforcement Working Group to address new laws, policies and procedures. While a summary of all revisions can be found on the NJDOE website, the 2023 MOA contains edits intended to:

  • Reduce the possibility of bias toward students and improve the reporting of those incidents.
  • Outline the use of body worn cameras by officers who work inside of schools or respond to a school.
  • Address articles regarding marijuana based on the decriminalization of marijuana and the creation of regulated cannabis, including mandated reporting, changes to medical cannabis policy and police procedure for interacting with students.

The MOA is an important document that represents the joint commitment of education and law enforcement officials to work together to support the building of safe learning environments where all students can thrive. The annually required review of the MOA provides an opportunity for education and law enforcement officials to reaffirm this commitment to work collaboratively as partners, discuss the effectiveness of current processes and revise procedures as necessary. It is important for all school officials to be familiar with the provisions of the MOA.

All local educational agencies and approved private schools for students with disabilities are required to adopt and implement this revised MOA for the 2023-2024 school year. A copy of the 2023 MOA, guidance for the annual review procedures and summary of the revisions are available on the Education-Law Enforcement MOA webpage.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the NJDOE’s Office of Student Support Services via email.