Select Workshop 2023 sponsors have uploaded exclusive webinars detailing their services, sharing their knowledge and explaining how school districts throughout New Jersey and the country have benefited from their work. The webinars include:

  • “Divergent Thinking Spaces Are a Study in How N.J. Education Practices Continue to Evolve” – DMR Architects.
  • “Using Data to Drive Early Interventions” – Frontline Education.
  • “Genesis Educational Services Client Testimonials” – Genesis Educational Services.
  • “An Overview of Health Insurance Funds – One Billion Strong” – New Jersey Health Insurance Fund.
  • “What Is Biophilic Design? – An Interview with A Leading K-12 Architect” – LAN Associates.
  • “Behind the Brand: LINQ” – LINQ.
  • “UVCUE Lighting Because it Helps, and it is Safe” – Pearl Street LED Lighting Systems.
  • “Navigating the College Admissions Process” – Pelham Admissions Edge.
  • “College and Career Readiness with SchooLinks” – SchooLinks.
  • “The ABCs of Electric School Buses” – Sierra Club, New Jersey Chapter.
  • “If I Only Knew. Facility Lessons We Learned Along the Way” – SSP Architects.
  • “The Hallmarks of High-Dosage Tutoring” – The Princeton Review and

Browse these webinars on the Workshop 2023 website.