Vincent DeLucia, the longtime educator-in-residence at the New Jersey School Boards Association, has been named to the board of directors of the Catalyst for Educational Change, a nonprofit consulting agency that works with school districts across the country to implement measurable social change.

The mission of Catalyst for Educational Change is to help organizations build collaborative cultures, and equitable, evidence-based practices that empower adults and students to deepen their learning so they can thrive. The organization partners with national, regional and state organizations as well as schools, districts and labor associations in delivering its services.

CEC challenges the status quo by being a forward thinking, proactive and innovative partner in preparing learners for successful futures. It believes that now is the time to empower one another to support the whole child.

“I’m honored to be a member of the CEC board,” DeLucia said. “I look forward to sharing some of the insights that I’ve learned at NJSBA and throughout my career to empower educators across the country, so that all students can succeed.”

DeLucia has more than 40 years of experience in education and is the former mayor of South Brunswick. After earning a master’s degree in instruction as well as administration and supervision, he was among the first 79 teachers in the country to achieve National Board Certification. He has held various roles in classrooms, school administration and school district leadership and has served as the NJSBA’s educator-in-residence for 10 years.

He regularly delivers presentations throughout the country, focusing on social and emotional learning, learning gaps, inherent biases and prejudices, leadership and other topics pertaining to education.