Sustainable Jersey’s Student Climate Challenge is now open to New Jersey public school students in grades 6 to 12.

The challenge is an innovative way for teachers to motivate their students to learn about climate change through a fun place-based project that aligns with the new Climate Change Education Student Learning Standards. Students work in small groups to complete a school or community project that addresses a cause of climate change or how it’s impacting the world. Then, they share what they have accomplished in a short digital story video.

According to Sustainable Jersey, climate change is one of the planet’s most pressing concerns, and its effects are amplified in New Jersey. Recognizing that education is a critical agent in addressing the issue of climate change, New Jersey was the first in the nation to incorporate K-12 climate change education across content areas in its 2020 Student Learning Standards. The goal is to equip educators with the tools to help students understand the causes and impacts of global warming and how to adapt to climate change.

Here are some additional details:

  • The challenge is free.
  • Teachers register their class or club to participate.
  • Under their teacher’s mentorship, teams of two to 12 students complete a school or community project that addresses a cause or impact of climate change.
  • Each team creates a digital story video about the project and completes a Climate Challenge submission form by April 21, 2023.
  • First, second and third-place middle and high school winners are recognized at an awards ceremony hosted by first lady Tammy Murphy.
  • School winners receive grants to advance their climate education initiatives ranging from $500 to $2,500.

Useful Links 

You can find an array of climate change resources and additional information about the challenge on the New Jersey Student Climate Challenge webpage.

If you have questions, contact the organizers of the challenge.