The New Jersey School Boards Association has debuted a new page on its website with information specifically for board of education presidents, “Resources for Board Presidents.”

The page includes links to articles, videos and handouts with topical information on subjects including:

  • Board leadership.
  • Board reorganization.
  • Agendas.
  • Parliamentary procedure.
  • Public comment.
  • Consensus building.
  • Board votes.
  • Lawful and ethical meetings.
  • Board-superintendent relationship.

“Being the leader of a board of education is a complicated and challenging job,” said Dr. Timothy Purnell, NJSBA executive director and chief executive officer. “Board presidents can find answers to many of their questions and wise counsel from experienced leaders on the new webpage. If they have other questions or concerns, I would urge them to reach out to their district’s NJSBA field service representative.”

Board President’s Corner NJSBA will also introduce a new monthly question and answer feature in School Board Notes, “Board President’s Corner.”

Board leaders are invited to submit questions to be answered by NJSBA’s subject matter experts. Whether your question involves labor issues, legal concerns, social media use, transportation, advocacy, school funding or something else related to efficiently governing your district, we want to hear from you.

Submit your question here and you may see it featured in an upcoming “Board President’s Corner.”