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New Jersey’s fiscal year 2024 budget includes a direct appropriation of $75 million to the New Jersey Schools Development Authority to provide funding for projects related to emergent and capital maintenance needs. This funding is now available to SDA districts and regular operating districts to address emergent projects as well as capital maintenance projects, according to a joint advisory issued by the SDA and the New Jersey Department of Education.

The funding is available to offset district costs associated with ensuring students have safe and healthy learning environments. Districts can use these funds for emergent or capital maintenance projects or to offset appropriate project or maintenance costs incurred this fiscal year.

Two documents, both available on the NJDOE Office of School Facilities webpage, are listed below:

  1. An NJDOE chart identifying the funding available to districts for appropriate project costs.
  2. A certification to be signed by the district superintendent or business administrator stating that the funds provided will be used by the district for the purposes outlined above, which includes a project listing form (Attachment A) for the district to identify project(s) for which the funds would be utilized.

The SDA and NJDOE also provided the following accounting guidance from the NJDOE related to the utilization of the funds:

Funds for “SDA Emergent Needs and Capital Maintenance in School Districts” will be recorded in the Special Revenue Fund in account number 20-3257, which will be included on revenue line number 761. Expenses related to this funding will be recorded in Special Revenue Fund in program code 492, in function and object codes applicable to the approved project, account numbers 20-492-xxx-xxx, line number 88136. As with any recordation of fund utilization, the records maintained by the district are subject to audit. If you need any assistance accounting for these funds, please contact

Upon submission to the SDA of a duly executed certification, the SDA and NJDOE will review the project(s) identified by the district on Attachment A to confirm that the scope represents an eligible emergent project and/or a capital maintenance project. After such confirmation, the SDA will provide the identified funds to the district through electronic transfer.

Please provide the certification including Attachment A and wire transfer account information to SDA at

Officials Comment on the Announcement

In a separate news release, the NJDOE highlighted the news.

“Today’s announcement builds on our work to improve education outcomes for all New Jersey students,” said Gov. Phil Murphy. “Providing our students with a top-notch education means ensuring their classroom environments are safe and conducive to learning.” He added, “This funding will go toward critical school infrastructure projects throughout the state, bolstering our school communities and ensuring districts are able to meet the needs of their students.”

Of the total amount, $50 million will be provided for projects in the SDA districts, which are the 31 districts where the SDA oversees school construction. The remaining $25 million will be available for all other districts, i.e., regular operating districts.

“Continuing Governor Murphy’s staunch support of public education, and partnership with the School Development Authority, the funding announced today will provide necessary renovations and facility upgrades to school buildings across the state,” said Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, acting commissioner of the Department of Education. “Every New Jersey student and school staff member deserves a space for learning that is safe, secure, and supportive of the highest educational outcomes.”

“The steadfast support of Governor Murphy to provide New Jersey students with quality learning environments allows the SDA to disburse this State funding to maintain and improve the state’s educational infrastructure,” said Manuel Da Silva, SDA chief executive officer. “The SDA is ready to expeditiously distribute these funds to help Districts offset costs associated with addressing important and necessary repairs in their schools.”

Questions regarding this process should be directed to the SDA at