Registration for the 2024 self-paced online Governance I course is now open. If you are unable to make an in-person mandated training event, this course is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your requirements.

This interactive program allows new board members and charter school trustees to take the orientation course at their convenience within the regulated 90-day timeframe.

Completion of this course fulfills the School District Accountability Act Mandated Training requirement. As of March 6, 2023, all new board members must complete mandated training within 90 days of taking office. This requirement, initiated by the School Ethics Commission, is aimed at ensuring that all board members have up-to-date knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities as they begin their respective terms of office.

Read more information about the 90-day requirement here.

Register for the self-paced online Governance I course here.

*Please note: you must log into the NJSBA website before visiting the registration link.

For more information about mandated training, visit this webpage.