Glassboro School District paid tribute to its former board of education president, Peter J. Calvo, by naming Glassboro High School’s newly remodeled library and media center in his honor. Calvo served on the board for 25 school years, spending 22 of them as board president. He retired from the board in December 2022 after choosing not to run for reelection.

He earned the Certified Board Member (2011), Master Board Member (2014), and Certified Board Leader (2015) designations through the New Jersey School Boards Association during his time on the board. He also served as NJSBA’s vice president for county activities and is a former member of the Association’s board of directors.

District administration and the current board of education held the dedication ceremony Jan. 18. Calvo’s wife, Elizabeth, attended the ceremony in person, and his children attended virtually from across the country. Glassboro Board President Chris Esgro made the presentation. The Glassboro High School Library Media Center now features a sign at its entrance and a plaque, both honoring Calvo.

“We thank Pete for his tremendous dedication to students, faculty, parents and the board of education. He was always engaged, willing to listen and ready to lead. The Peter J. Calvo Library Media Center will serve as a permanent reminder of his contributions to Glassboro education,” Esgro said.

The remodeled center includes an updated layout and new furnishings designed to provide a flexible learning space for students.

Dr. Mark Silverstein, Glassboro School District’s superintendent said, “While dedicating the media center to our former board president, Pete Calvo, was a great honor, it is small in comparison to the time that Pete devoted to our school district. As the superintendent, I worked with Pete for 14 of the years he spent as board president. It was truly a professionally rewarding experience. During his time in the district, Pete supported countless programs that benefited the children of Glassboro. His legacy will continue for years to come.”

Calvo remarked, “I am grateful to the Glassboro Board of Education for honoring me with the naming of the library media center. Over the past 25 years, I have been privileged to work with many talented teachers, support staff, administrators and board members. I share the recognition with my family, the entire Glassboro Community, and those I have been honored to serve with over the years. Special thanks to the dedicated staff at the New Jersey School Boards Association for providing ongoing training, advocacy, and support to advance public education and promote the achievement of all students through effective governance.”