The winter 2024 issue of School Leader, which features a cover story on how to battle chronic absenteeism written by the New Jersey School Boards Association’s very own retired assistant editor, is now available online.

Alan Guenther interviewed superintendents and administrators to find out what they’ve done to get students back in classrooms and keep them there.

Karen Cortellino, M.D., president of the NJSBA, focuses on the importance of mandated training in her President’s Message, observing how it can help board members become more effective, and in turn, lead to more efficient boards that help students achieve better outcomes.

Dr. Timothy Purnell, executive director and CEO, highlights his podcast, “The Boardroom” in his Executive Word column, noting how transparency is a key feature of any successful organization.

“Leaders must discuss challenges, vulnerabilities, and failures, taking responsibility and moving forward to find solutions. Openly addressing challenges leads to a stronger organization, with informed and supportive members,” he writes.

The issue also includes articles on a host of other topics, such as how to navigate transportation challenges, a feature highlighting Bernadette Dalesandro of Netcong, who is NJSBA’s 2023-2024 Board Member of the Year; a contribution from David Rubin on how schools are approaching parental notification in regard to transgender students; and insights on recent trends in collective negotiations.

Read School Leader online.