At its July monthly meeting, the State Board of Education heard updates and took action on the following items:

  • Re-election of Officers The State Board re-elected members Kathy Goldenberg and Andrew Mulvihill as president and vice-president, respectively.  This is Goldenberg’s third year as president. Goldenberg is a former Moorestown Board of Education member who served on NJSBA’s legislative committee.
  • School Operations Regulations Proposed updates to the State Board’s regulations concerning school operations were discussed.  The updates include modifications to its regulations on school attendance to align them with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. The proposed regulations will also update the NJDOE’s requirements for access to student records.  The proposal will make all pronouns in the regulations gender-neutral, among other changes.
  • Homeless Students The State Board began discussion of proposed changes to its regulations concerning homeless students. The chapter will be aligned with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act that removed certain children from being considered “homeless” under the McKinney-Vento Act. The proposed amendments also will clarify a school district’s fiscal responsibility when a homeless child is enrolled in a district other than the school district of residence and when a homeless student is deemed domiciled or becomes permanently housed. The proposal will also update the chapter’s title, to replace “homeless children” with “homeless children and youths” among other updates.