• Speakers at the Spring School Law Forum had a great time networking and sharing insights with attendees.

Nearly a hundred attorneys, board members, school administrators and staff gathered at the New Jersey School Boards Association’s Spring School Law Forum on June 13 at the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association’s FEA Conference Center in Monroe.

Once there, they had the chance to network, ask questions, hear updates on case and legislative law and learn best practices to avoid and navigate lawsuits while protecting the best interests of schools and students.

Michael F. Kaelber, president of the New Jersey Association of School Attorneys and the coordinator of continuing legal education and research for the Foundation for Educational Administration, teamed up with Dr. Timothy Purnell, executive director of the NJSBA; Karen Bingert, executive director of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association; and Kathleen Asher, senior manager, Legal and Labor Relations at the NJSBA, to welcome attendees and deliver opening remarks.

John Burns, senior legislative counsel at the NJSBA, joined Asher in delivering a “Case Law and Legislative Update” to attendees.

Sandra L. Jacques, assistant director of legal education at the Foundation for Educational Administration, joined Adam S. Herman, counsel at Adams Gutierrez and Lattiboudere, LLC to provide a “Tenure Arbitration Update and Historical Look-Back.”

Yasmin E. Hernandez-Manno, director of education compliance at Porzio Compliance Services, teamed up with Janice Arellano, counsel at Cleary, Giacobbe Alfieri Jacobs, LLC, to deliver a presentation titled “Diversity Inclusion Equity and Belonging – Emerging Issues.”

Attendees then had the opportunity to choose between two tracks – one focusing on “What’s New in HIB Law” and another titled “Mental Health Clearance for Students and Special Education Update,” which included insights from John Worthington, coordinator of special education law at the Foundation for Educational Administration; Caitlin Pletcher, a partner at Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, Cappelli, Tipton and Taylor, LLC; and Marc G. Mucciolo, a partner at Methfessel & Werbel.

After lunch, there was a session on “Statutory Employment Claims,” which featured insights from Cameron R. Morgan, a partner at Cleary, Giacobbe Alfieri Jacobs, LLC; and Patrick F. Carrigg, president-elect at the New Jersey Association of School Attorneys and a partner at The Lenox Law Firm.

Capping off the day was the always popular “Update on Legal Ethics for School Attorneys,” featuring David B. Rubin, of counsel to the Busch Law Group, as well as closing remarks.

The NJSBA wishes to thank the NJASA Planning Committee for putting together an amazing agenda and all the speakers for their time, effort and support of the 2023 Spring School Law Forum. A special thanks goes out to Kaelber, NJASA president, for his dedication and continued leadership.

Mark your calendar The Fall School Law Forum is returning to Workshop 2023 this year in Atlantic City and will take place Thursday Oct. 26, 2023.